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I was terrified I’d be overcharged since I have no experience with plumbing. The guys showed up FAST! They told me exactly what was wrong, quoted both a quick fix and a full/preventative fix. Both quotes were so shockingly reasonable I went with full fix. They were very sweet and did the work the same day!!! Will definitely remember them if I have any need for a plumber in the future and I highly recommend them!!!

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Plumbing emergency in Canberra?

We are providing professional & friendly service with over 25 years experience in the industry.

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Are you located in Belconnen and need a local plumber to sort out your blocked drain?

Look no further! We are an established plumbing company located conveniently close to Belconnen and the surrounding area.

When it comes to a blocked drain, Belconnen residents and businesses can rely on us to quickly identify the source of the blockage, then use suitable methods to clear it quickly and completely. Once your drain is running freely again, we are happy to offer remedial preventative advice and/or remedial work in order to prevent the problem from occurring again.

Signs of a blocked drain Belconnen home and business owners need to look out for

A blocked drain isn’t just an inconvenience, it can also be hazardous to health, particularly if sewage begins to backflow into your property. Don’t let it get that far! Call us for a fast, responsive solution to your blocked drain Belconnen wide.

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Fixing Belconnen blocked drains 24/7/365

We know that unfortunately blocked drains don’t just occur during office hours ! That’s why, in addition to our scheduled appointments, we also offer an emergency out-of-hours service. Our well-equipped utes and experienced crew can come out at any time, accurately diagnosing the cause of the problem before clearing the blockage. The action we will take depends on the blockage, but possible options include:

What might cause a blocked drain in Belconnen properties?

The commonest causes of blocked drains include:

If you suspect that there is a blockage, it’s unlikely to shift on its own.

Just give us a call and let our friendly, knowledgeable team sort it out for you.

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